Representing Kingsbury, Inc.

Alloy Bearings are the sole Australasian agents for Kingsbury and Messinger bearings.
Kingsbury bearing - fitting to shaft
Messinger roller bearings-310
Kingsbury are the inventors of tilting pad hydrodynamic bearings and one of the world's leading bearing design teams.

Kingsbury has built its reputation on the performance of its engineered thrust and journal bearings. Based on Dr. Kingsbury’s revolutionary tilt-pad design, these bearings deliver outstanding efficiency and reliability in a range of applications from large turbines and air pre-heaters to pumps and compressors. This product, along with other thrust and journal bearings, has provided a model of excellence for the rest of the industry to follow. But Kingsbury has never been content to rest on their laurels. That’s why over the years Kingsbury has continually improved their bearing technology to excel at higher speeds and heavier loads.

In addition to the fluid film thrust and journal bearings that Kingsbury is famous for, Kingsbury also offer fixed profile, magnetic, process lubricated and rolling element bearings. That means you can get Kingsbury performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Messinger Bearings (a Kingsbury brand)

Since 1912, Messinger Bearings has designed bearings to fulfil the specific requirements in a given application, rather than expecting our customers to design their machines around stock bearings. Now as part of Kingsbury, Inc. – the leader in fluid film bearing technology – Messinger has the infrastructure and resources to provide a quick response to inquiries, unparalleled application support, timely delivery for many OEM parts from stock, and excellent aftermarket services to keep you up and running.
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