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Refurbishment of white metal plain bearings for crushing and grinding applications

Alloy Bearings is dedicated to all our customers by striving to continuously improve the performance, quality, and value of our products and services. Our quality assurance system focuses on the following principles:

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee
  • Outstanding workmanship and customer satisfaction is vital
  • On time delivery at the agreed upon price
  • Specialist Bearing workshop striving for best practice

We provide a wide range of knowledge and there are many factors involved to ensure a completely successful repair of a white metal bearing. These include:

  • A strict quality control process - ISO9001:2015 accreditation, and meeting relevant engineering standards is usual practice giving a security in quality you can rely on
  • An extensive knowledge of bearing metallurgical casting techniques
  • An extensive knowledge and practical experience of bearing failure modes and prevention
  • An extensive knowledge of oil film lubrication (hydrodynamic effects)

Because our customers expect a refurbished bearing to meet the same exacting standards of a new bearing, the same rigorous techniques and controls are used in refurbishment work as those used in new manufacture.
Bearing failure is serious. Downtime is expensive and speed of response is critical, so when the worst happens you need the services of a company with a proven track record in speed of response and total reliability.
Alloy Bearings has a proven track record for supporting service companies and end users in executing planned and unplanned maintenance outages by working closely with them to provide fast and flexible services.
1 Gearbox before-8512 Gear Box bearing After-670

Remetalled Gearbox bearing

Remetalling Excellence

In many cases the bearing shell or other components may no longer be available from the original OEM supplier: whether you are in need of a spare or your bearing is damaged beyond repair, Alloy Bearings expertise has you covered.

  • Extensive experience in all types of white metal bearings.
  • Water jacketed bearings mechanically/chemically cleaned and pressure tested for leaks & to ensure free flow of cooling liquids.
  • In house NDT testing - bearings undergo internal Ultrasonic Bond Testing to AS2824 or ISO4386 standards.
  • Bearings tested by 3rd party NDT testing with certificates supplied.
  • Final inspection reports provide traceability
  • Manufacturing of custom boxes for long term safety and storage. Protect your assets for the future.
602718 Gearbox Bearing Manufacture 2-565-400
Manufactured Gearbox bearing
Expert Service and Solutions

We provide our customers with a full and comprehensive service including spare bearing auditing, inspection and reporting, remetalling, machining, manufacturing, replacement and retrofit upgrades.

Journal Thrust Before

Journal Thrust After

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