Our Process

Our process is comparable to that of a well maintained and lubricated bearing. We understand the possibilities of breakdown occurring when bearings are worn or not in optimal working condition, so we have developed a system that ensures a smooth and trouble-free transition from start to finish.
Stage 1, Identification; Liaision with customer to identify possible bearing problem and causes. Discerning a suitable solution.

Stage 2, Contract; Tender documents with work or details of exact bearing solution clarified.


Stage 3, Agreement and Initiation; Consultation with customer. Approval to commence job from customer. Organize freight from customer’s location to our site.


Stage 4, Inspection; Strip, clean, measure and complete inwards inspection on bearing. Documention of findings, evaluate.


Stage 5, Implementation; Undertake and complete job as per agreed tender. Inspection reports carried out through critical stages.


Stage 6, Follow up and conclusion; Final outwards Inspection. Compiling of final reports and test sheets. Present to customer. Freight organized back to client base. Goods returned.


We take quality seriously

We provide full reports for each job. ISO9001 quality accreditation.

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New Zealand