Manufacture of White Metal Bearings

Precision engineering you can rely on

Our team of skilled engineers work together to provide a complete service dedicated to solving our customers' problems and reducing downtime. A system of regular performance reviews, meticulous documentation and record keeping allow us to provide you with an informed analysis to identify root cause issues and where potential future issues may occur.

Specialised teams within the business ensure focus and attention to detail is always maintained. Teams collaborate to provide the best overall solution for our customers and our key international relationships help ensure that we are capable of providing the best support and assistance possible.

Our approach is to implement systems that are not only designed to protect and extend the life of critical equipment but also to eliminate the risk of any costly 'downtime' occuring.

We provide:
» CAD drawing capabilities
» Foundry specifically set up for plain bearings
» Reverse engineering and drawing capabilities
» Qualified and experienced machinists
» Extensive database of historical data about plain bearings
» In-house Qualified Operator Level II for Ultrasonic Testing
» Combination of CNC and conventional machining

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