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Excelling in White Metal Bearing Technology

At Alloy Bearings we are solely focused on white metal bearing technology and are recognised as New Zealand's leading plain bearing specialists. We uphold this position by extending asset life through spare bearing auditing, inspection and reporting, remetalling, machining, manufacturing, replacement and retrofit upgrades of white metal bearings and associated technology.

Being a global minded company means that our expertise are not enjoyed in New Zealand alone. Many contented customers in Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea are happy to confirm the quality that they have come to expect from us.

It's Easy to Deal with Us

Whether you need bearing remetalling services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Whangarei, Invercargill, or anywhere in between, we provide a complete service which includes arranging all freight to and from your site.
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As One Delighted Customer Said

"We would like to formally acknowledge and thank AB Alloys for their prompt and diligent attention to our recent urgent requirement to remetal and machine most of the bearings from one of our STAL turbines. The cooperation with our principal contact and yourselves was always productive, timely and professional.
There were some challenging complexities with these bearings and we were impressed by the diligence applied by AB Alloys in identifying quite a number of issues that needed resolution. In those cases AB Alloys provided sound recommendations that facilitated good decisions to be made. The quality of workmanship on the completed bearings and the documentation accompanying them was also noted as being very good.
Accordingly please accept this as a formal thank you for your attention to our requirements, especially as the urgency of the requirement was of course entirely not of your making!”

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Benefits of White Metal Bearings

White metal bearings have considerable benefits. Under normal operating conditions they have a very long life, they allow large momentary overloads, are able to handle lubricant problems and if misalignment occurs they are able to conform and compensate.

White metal bearing failure is seldom sudden or catastrophic. Typically the result is an increase in running clearances that can be easily detected by vibration analysis or an increase in noise. This means that damage to expensive rotating equipment is avoided or minimised.

Refurbishment can then be carried out with the bearing remetalling providing considerable advantages in cost and time without sacrificing performance. Do you have a technical question about plain bearings? Contact us

International Support in Retrofit and Design

Alloy Bearings are the sole Australasian agents for Kingsbury, Inc. and their brand Messinger Bearings.
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Kingsbury, Inc. (www.kingsbury.com) are the inventors of the tilting pad hydrodynamic thrust bearings. Since they invented this in 1912 they have continued to be a leader in the design and manufacture of tilting pad fluid, film thrust and journal bearings for all types of rotating machinery, with hundreds of installations worldwide.

To keep pace with the demand for faster speeds, heavier loads, improved performance, and dependability in challenging conditions, more and more equipment manufacturers have confidence in the proven bearing technologies of Kingsbury.


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