Alloy Bearings is pleased to advise you of the recent purchase of Weir Minerals Australia Ltd's White Metal Bearings business assets.
Weir Minerals will no longer be operating its White Metal Bearings business previously based out of its Somersby, NSW facility.

This change will enable Weir Minerals to focus on their extensive range of other services in the Minerals sector.

The acquisition will support Alloy Bearings to continue to grow as the leading, reputable Whitemetal Bearing sales, manufacture and refurbishment specialists in Australasia.

Alloy Bearings' business spans across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South East Asia.

Our Easy Freight policy of “acting like we’re next door” practiced for more than a decade, means simple and cost effective pickup, delivery, and documentation.

With four generations of experience and legendary quality support, Alloy Bearings retains customers for years, if not decades.
Alloy Bearings Traction Motor Bearing Manufacture and Refurbishment for Rail Vehicles

Alloy Bearings specialises in white-metal plain bearing technology, and is recognised as a leading plain bearing specialist in the Asia-Pacific region.

We bring decades of engineering experience and knowledge to plain bearing issues for the rail industries. Our expertise extends from diagnosis and fault reports, to remetal, manufacture, replacement and upgrade solutions.

Suspension bearing remetalling and manufacture

Since 1993, the Alloy Bearings team has been involved in the assembly and remetalling of plain suspension bearings (also called Babbitt bearings) for locomotives. These bearings have proved to be a reliable, solid and economical option for more than two decades.

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Alloy Bearings Plain Bearings for Crushing, Milling and Grinding

Alloy Bearings manufactures plain bearings for crushing, milling and grinding in the mining industry.

The company brings decades of specialist engineering experience and knowledge to plain bearing issues, from diagnosis and reporting on faults, through repair, manufacture, replacement and upgrade solutions.

Plain and white metal bearings for the mining industry

Alloy Bearings is dedicated to its customers and strives to continuously improve the performance, quality, and value of products and services.

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Alloy Bearings Plain Bearing Services for Power Generation

Alloy Bearings provides specialist plain bearing services to hydro, geothermal, gas and coal-fired power stations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

It provides a full and comprehensive service including spare bearing auditing, inspection and reporting, remetalling and machining, as well as manufacturing, replacement and retrofit upgrades.

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Alloy Bearings Remetal and Manufacture of Bearings for Maritime Applications
Alloy Bearings remetals, manufactures and supplies white-metal plain bearings for fishing vessels, vehicle ferries, oil tankers, research vessels, and other large marine vessels.